Purple Wheat Vodka - Available now!

Purple Wheat Vodka

Platinum Award Winner - SIP Awards 2019

We’ve created the first spirit made from 100% locally grown Saskatchewan Purple Wheat. This specialty crop was developed right here in Saskatchewan, and we’re proud to be the first distillery to take advantage of its unique properties. Purple Wheat has continued to be bred for its health and antioxidant benefits. We’re not in that business. What we have created is a smooth, delicious vodka with a hint of sweetness that is as unique as the grain it comes from.


The World’s first Purple Wheat Vodka.

A truly Saskatchewan grain-to-glass product.

Silky smooth, with a hint of sweetness.

Stumbletown Original Gin

Original Gin

Our original gin takes advantage of the high quality ingredients available here in Saskatchewan to put a prairie spin on an old favourite. This is a bold, flavourful gin that goes well in any cocktail you can dream up. Features local tastes such as seabuckthorn, rosehips and birch bark complimenting the traditional gin botanicals.


Crafted with ingredients grown in Saskatchewan.

A timeless, old school, in your face gin.

Featuring prairie notes of seabuckthorn, rosehips, and birch bark.

Maté Amaro - Coming Soon!

Maté Amaro

We’ve used yerba maté along with time honoured amaro botanicals to put a creative twist on this traditional Italian liqueur. A digestif suitable to be enjoyed on the rocks, in a cocktail, or even warmed during a Saskatchewan winter. A truly unique product, we’ve sourced our organic yerba maté from South American Rainforest, so you know you’re getting something special.


Our take on the traditional Italian liqueur.

Made with organic South American Yerba Maté.

Spice, lime and cardamom notes compliment the maté flavour in this unique amaro.

Stumbletown Caesar Gin

Caesar Gin *New*

Our brand new Caesar Gin is a quick and easy way to enjoy Canada’s signature cocktail. Where others infuse their flavours, we have distilled our gin with additional ingredients such as bacon, garlic, Worchestershire and more. Simply add Clamato and indulge!


Distilled with bacon, garlic and more

Simply add Clamato and enjoy

Others infuse it - we distill it