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Stumbletown is an oasis of creative local flavour that fuels the stories and celebrations of those who embrace the good times.

We’ve always envisioned Stumbletown to be a place where Saskatoon residents, as well as visitors and tourists can get together, have a delicious cocktail and celebrate the good times.

We’re not afraid to try new things, and we pride ourselves on using unique local ingredients to push the envelope while staying true to the traditions of artisan spirits. You’ll find no shortcuts here. We embrace our location in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and take full advantage of the abundance of fresh, premium ingredients found right here at home.

We began work on our micro distillery in 2016 to with the aim of doing something we love and working for ourselves. And it is our hope that our passion is passed on to the most important people - our customers!

We invite you to take the trip to Stumbletown and taste the good times.

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