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We’ve created the first spirit made from 100% locally grown Saskatchewan Purple Wheat. This specialty crop was developed right here in Saskatchewan, and we’re proud to be the first distillery to take advantage of its unique properties. Purple Wheat has continued to be bred for its health and antioxidant benefits. We’re not in that business. What we have created is a smooth, delicious vodka with a hint of sweetness that is as unique as the grain it comes from. 750 mL. Platinum Award Winner - 2019 SIP Awards

Purple Wheat Vodka

  • Moscow Moose
    1 oz Purple Wheat Vodka,
    1 oz Maté Amaro,
    3/4 oz Fresh Lime Juice,
    Fill with Ginger beer
    Build in Copper Mug
    Garnish with a Mint Sprig
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