Distilling, Brewing & Malting School

Stumbletown Distilling, in conjunction with Prohibition University, High Key Brewing, and Maker’s Malt have assembled a workshop that will take your knowledge of alcoholic beverages to the next level and open the door to exciting new future opportunities and possible careers in distilling and brewing.

The first of its kind, this comprehensive workshop is led by Malcolm Bucholtz, M.Sc. candidate in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University in Scotland, with hands on learning provided by Distiller Caylin Holland and Brewer Dan Rommens. This unique workshop will be offered only on 4 occasions in 2019. The course is structured over 4 days (Saturday through Tuesday) with an optional Gin Class on Day 5 (Wednesday).

Including a field trip to Maker’s Malt in Rosthern, the remainder of the workshop will take place right here at Stumbletown, with High Key Brewing conveniently located next door. There are plenty of hotel and restaurant options available nearby (many within walking distance), to ensure you’re able to maximize your time in Saskatoon.

Whats Included?

Course Learning Materials & Quizzes

From Field to Flask (textbook authored by Mr. Bucholtz)

Bottle of Stumbletown Vodka (&/or Gin with Gin Class)

Transportation to and from Maker’s Malt in Rosthern, Saskatchewan

Group dinner with a cocktail mixology seminar

Numerous tastings, samplings, beer flights


Four Day Distilling & Brewing Workshop - $2499 + Tax

Gin Workshop - $499 + Tax (Save $100 when combined with Distilling & Brewing Workshop)

A brief summary of the workshop curriculum can be found below.

If you have any questions you can contact us here, as well as find more information about the venues and instructors at the links below.

Prohibition University

High Key Brewing

Maker’s Malt

What Have People said About Past Workshops?

...This Workshop gave me the foundations to start experimenting at home while I gather the information to start my craft distilling business... L.T. - Toronto, Canada

...I came here with no knowledge of distilling and I am leaving here with a lot of useful information plus the confidence to start distilling.... M.S. - Ontario, Canada

...An excellent course that covers the elements necessary to help one understand distilling. Very well explained!! ...  C.L. - Alberta, Canada

Course breakdown


After brief introductions from Stumbletown, High Key, Maker’s Malt and Prohibition University we get down to work with an in depth look at the raw materials a brewer or distiller would use to make alcoholic beverages. Our look at raw materials will also include a examination of water chemistry, artificial enzymes, yeast and the fermentation cycle. Day One will wrap up with a look at the definitions of alcoholic spirits in Canada and what products a distiller can and cannot make.


We immediately get to work applying our knowledge from Day One. We will start with a quick discussion of cleaning and sanitation. Then we will spend time with the Brewer at High Key Brewing watching as he prepares a malt barley mash, lauters it and transfers it to the boil kettle. Next we do a mash of un-malted grain in the Stumbletown Distillery using artificial enzymes. As we are waiting for the various stages of this mash to proceed, the class will divide into groups and each group will work as a team to prepare a small 20 litre mash. One group will use malted grain and the other group will use un-malted grains and enzymes. Each group will then pitch yeast into its mash.


We will start the day by checking our mashes from the day before to ensure they are all fermenting satisfactorily. Then, we will board a shuttle bus for a quick ride up the road to Rosthern and the home of Maker’s Malt. Proprietor Matt Enns will tour us through his craft malting facility and explain the various stages in the malting of barley and wheat. When we return to Stumbletown after lunch, we’ll take the time to review all that has been learned so far. We will then engage in a look at the science of fractional distillation, the Antoine Equation, the alcohol phase diagram, Raoult’s Law and the various designs of stills available to craft distillers. We will also learn how the big commercial distillers make products like Cognac, Rum, Tequila, Canadian Whisky, Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey and Bourbon.


Today is all about distillation. We will then get to work by transferring a previously fermented mash over to the 750 litre still. As this is occurring, we will learn about pumps, hoses, fittings and the still itself. Working as a group, you will get the still up and running and learn about Heads, Hearts and Tails. As the still is running, we will divide into groups and each group will conduct a distillation on small 20 litre al’Ambic stills. This hands-on learning will help to re-inforce everything that is happening in the larger 750 litre still. We will then turn focus to proofing, Excise Tables , filtering and bottling.

These four days promise to be in intense learning opportunity. We will aim to start class every morning at 8:00 am and wrap up by 6pm in the afternoon. But, don’t be in a rush to leave at the end of the day. Stick around, have a drink and make sure all your questions and queries are addressed.

DAY FIVE - Gin Class (Save 20% when combined with Workshop)

Have you ever wondered how Gin is made? This optional add-on day is designed to raise your Gin knowledge to new levels. We will start the day with an overview of the various botanicals used by a typical Gin distiller. We will taste test several London Dry Gins side by side with craft Gins to illustrate how the North American craft distilling movement has put a whole new spin on Gin. The class will then break into groups and each group will collaborate to design a recipe using the “secret” British formula that dates to 1937. Each group will then distill its recipe and proof the obtained Gin distillate to 40%. A critical taste evaluation will then follow. For those with an evening flight out of Saskatoon, we will aim to wrap up in time to allow you to make the 10 minute journey back to the airport.